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A father loses his wife and unborn child in childbirth due to an infected blood transfusion, he begins to investigate why. Stumbling from one petty bureaucrat's excuse to another as he uncovers a truth that will shake the foundations of the establishment and our understanding of how government works. Set in the 1980'.

RAINBOW'S END 3 x 60 mins. DRAMA 

In a world where dysfunctional male relationships are fluid, a hapless gambler persuades his long suffering and oldest friend to to help him escape a ruthless gangster, but this gambler must overcome his preconceived opinions and accept or lose the only true friend he’s got.

LOCH LONELY 6 x 30 mins. SITCOM 

30 miles from Crief, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, sits Locheinnhead, a sleepy village at the head of Loch Einn (population 500). Since the by-pass was built five years ago the village has seen a decrease in through-traffic. The local garage and petrol station, Loch Lonely, is in decline and the small convenience store that doubles as a tourist gift shop as well as a traditional cafe (that has as been up for sale for over a year) has just been bought by someone from Edinburgh and the new owner is arriving this week, and the gossip is that she is a woman, and she has style!


Set at the end of the 1990’ when Maggie Thatcher stood down and the Gulf War was being waged by Saddam Hussain When The Whistle Blows follows the exploits of a group of factory workers as they navigate through accusations of the company they work for selling the Huge Earth Movers to the Iraqis as group carriers and Scud missile launchers. They also face unemployment with the closure of their plant by the American owner.