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As a Dad concentrates on work, he listens to his wife quietly singing a lullaby to their new born baby through the baby-monitor. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

One of three short films shot over a weekend in Livingston, West Lothian with a small cast & crew in 2021 by Edge of the World Films.


As a Dad concentrates on work, he listens to his wife quietly singing a lullaby to their new born baby through the baby-monitor. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

One of three short films shot over a weekend in Livingston, West Lothian with a small cast & crew in 2021 by Edge of the World Films.


When a Clown is late for a kids birthday party he is sent packing. But where do clowns go?

Finding a home is all he seeks!

This was shot in Livingston, West Lothian with a small cast & crew in 2019 by Edge of the World Films.

ISOLATION 80 10 pages. DRAMA

As self-isolation begins to take its toll on a aged population, four friends in their late 70s have come together over video conferencing to keep in touch. Through this weird medium these old friends decide to do the decent thing, the only way they can, to ease the pain.


Written with Calum Verrecchia.


Norman is a successful businessman owning a popular Gym, lives in a big house, drives an expensive car, but there is something missing in his life: Life. Norman wants to commit suicide. ​ On the day he decides to end his life at his favourite bridge on his favourite jogging route he encounters Woody, the world weary sage like tramp that will change his life forever.

39 STEPS 9 pages. COMEDY

A group of stoner friends get wind of a new recipe for new “legal high” street drug that is cheaper than cocaine but with ten times the potency, they break into the one person they suspect of having the notebook with the 39 step instructions to make the drug’s house, kidnap the hero and proceed to interrogate him. But the bumbling trio decide to roll a few joints first to get into the mood and end up being so stoned that they forget why they’re there in the fist place, letting our hero escape, with the notebook full of 39 step instructions.


A successful hotel sales executive is summoned home to her small village to bury her mother she encounters her old nemesis and things become stranger than she'd like. Marie and Janice have been living each other's lives all these years, it's time to put that right. With the help of their "friendship bracelets", they got from Marie's father, they can fix the past and look forward to a better future.

THE WAKE UP 15 pages. DRAMA 

Written with Brian Whiteman.


Michael is suffering from extended sleep deprivation which is making him paranoid. Believing his wife, Tracy, is cheating on him he takes extreme steps to find out the truth.  When his brother Thomas tries an intervention to sort things out between them things get out of hand with devastating results.


A drug deal goes wrong, all hell breaks loose, the only survivor is a girl with a gun, and she isn’t taking prisoners.


Billy just wants peace to read his book. Marge just wants a plate of ice cream. The Doctor told them to write stuff down as old age makes you forget things. When Billy goes to the kitchen to get Marge her plate of ice cream, will he forget? 


Memories is a heart warming tale of old age, compromise and ever lasting love. 

One of three short films shot over a weekend in Livingston, West Lothian with a small cast & crew in 2021 by Edge of the World Films.


When two girls want to buy something from Facebook Marketplace they didn't reckon on a killer on the loose. The boyfriend of one of them thinks it's funny to scare the life out of them to teach them a life's lesson but finds the tables turned.


Two thieves get away with hundreds of thousands of pounds when they rob a family of restaurant & bar owners but find that their plan to hide out in the Highlands of Scotland for two weeks camping leads to deceit, mistrust and envy ending in bloodshed and death. 


After Simon and Peter successfully rob the Berlotti family of their weekend takings they head north and the Highlands of Scotland for two weeks camping. All part of the plan. But once they are there, they succumb to envy, greed and paranoia. Simon has hidden the bag containing the booty and hasn’t told Peter where. He is angry at this mistrust from his partner in crime and supposed friend and they argue. One thing leads to another and Peter kills Simon thinking that he knows where the money is hidden. Once he finds the bag he discovers that it is filled with stones and dirt. Angrier now he heads back to the campsite and the dead Simon. On the way back he remembers that they spent time on an outcrop of rock looking out over a valley and a long loch. Once there he sees that there is another backpack stuffed into a hollow on the rock’s face.


Peter carefully attempts to climb down the front of the rock face. He reaches for the bag as he gets near, but stumbles and falls the 50 odd feet below, breaking both legs and his shoulder. He can’t move. As he looks up he sees that they bag has split open and all the cash is swirling about in the wind.


An ex-army-sniper is haunted by a memory he can’t shake he retreats into the wilderness and lives off the land, but images of past events invade his reality, until he can’t take any more and collapses into a heap. 


Sometime in the past Spinner, lying prone in the darkness with a rifle pointed into the darkness. The distant sound of warfare surrounding him. In his earpiece his commanding officers gives the order to fire.


Spinner is living rough in the woods somewhere, he’s made camp and set traps and is happy living away from civilisation, until the nightmares come back to haunt him. His paranoia overcomes him and he takes flight to find out who is watching him and who is determined to kill him. He checks his traps and finds that every one of them is in pieces. Returning to his camp to discovers that it is trashed. Someone is determined to ruin his life. He follows clues and begins to track his quarry. Through dale and glen and over river and loch he tracks and finally sees someone in the trees several hundreds of metres away. He looks through his rifle scope and sees someone looking at him through their rifle scope, then the person looks straight at him, smiling and it’s HIM. Spinner is looking at Spinner.


We immediately are in the past again and Spinner is about to take the shot he is being ordered to and we hear the crack of a gunshot. But Spinner hasn’t made the shot. He’s been shot is dead.


It's the story of a serial killer stalking his next victim but realises a little too late that he's met his match in crazy, oh, and that he's fallen in love. 

John, dubbed the "kitchen killer" by the media, has chosen his next victim, Karen, a blonde happy go lucky girl packing boxes in her flat; she's moving home. As he knocks on the door to Karen's house he is ready with his excuse for entering the house (he's a parcel delivery man), but, Karen is happy to get help with her "packing" and pulls him into the house. As John silently follows her from room to room helping her pack, and waiting on the right moment to strike all he can do is listen to her talking non-stop about her boyfriend; his fish; the moving. He's called the "kitchen killer" as he uses kitchen implements (in this case a huge cast iron frying pan) to dispatch his victims. But this time he's mis-calculated the situation and comes up a cropper.