17 x 3-5 Mins. We-Series. Sci-Fi / Thriller / Detective

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As an intergalactic war rages between two warring civilisations from either end of our Milky Way Galaxy a lone warrior, the last of his troupe, battles forces here on Earth as he uncovers a plot that will shake the very foundations of the human race, answering the one question that we've been asking since the dawn of time. We Are Not What We Think We Are.

Series Synopsis

EMIT (M-8), the last of twelve soldiers sent to Earth to fight on behalf of the Barannue race. He must discover the whereabouts of his opponents, 12 soldiers of the Eripidii civilisation, and dispatch them. Only he isn’t doing that well as he’s the only one left of his team.


He eventually, and reluctantly, seeks the help of Kate, a Cal (the name they’ve given the local humans), when he is badly injured and has to escape the area. She begins to believe his story and helps. But Kate has a past that she is running from. 

Through a mistake, Emit leaves the body of a soldier he just dispatched when he runs with Kate. the police are called in and DI Mace Fionnlagh investigates. He finds several other killings of unknown persons in the past few years that are connected. The connection is that the DNA of each victims match. Exactly. It looks like the victims were one person being killed over and over again. Three days after the the bodies had been put into the police morgue they have disappeared without a trace. As Fionnlagh investigates deeper he touches a nerve and is taken off the case and suspended by order of a Special Branch office named SO6. Fionnlagh isn't pleased and begins his own investigation.

Both Fionnlagh and Emit collide as they uncover a plot which will bring both civilisations at either ends of the galaxy to a climactic realisation and maybe answer the age old question that Humans have asked since the beginning of time: Why are we here?

Underpinning both investigations are Matt and Blanche. These are the Watchers. Those that are making sure that both sides are sticking to the rules. But, what are their true motives? And who watches the Watchers?

Back Story

The fate of the Milky Way galaxy as well as the planet Earth is held in the balance as our hero, EmEight – a lone intergalactic soldier – battles for the very existence of his ancient warrior race. He fights against the odds and uncovers a plot that will rock the very foundations of the Human race and answer the one question we’ve been asking ourselves since the dawn of time.

Ravaged by a war that has lasted for more than one hundred and fifty thousand years two ancient civilisations send their very best galactic warriors to Earth for one last battle. They each send twelve soldiers (“Ms” & “Bs”) to end the conflict that has brought them both to near extinction. 

As he is tracking down one of the “Bs” to a hotel room , he is attacked and badly wounded. After killing the “B” and taking a hostage, Kate - a housekeeper at the hotel he flees. Whilst hiding out he and Kate become close and she decides to help him with his quest, with devastating results.

DI Mace Fionnlagh is put on the case of the odd murder. After see a connection with a case several years previously, and asking too many questions, he is suspended and the case is handed over to the shadowy government department SO6. He teams up with Susan, a police constable who is looking for answers to her brother’s death several year before that is connected to his murder case. Together they face not only ghosts from their own pasts but the weight of the Universe threatening to quash their reality.