Feature. In Development. Rom-Com


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A lonely, daydreaming, American, 30-something girl searches for love, hampered only by her crippling obsession with a movie star.  She must overcome her star-struck awe, controlling parents and fear of commitment to find true love and not be left on the shelf.

Screenplay Synopsis

Shy, plain-Jane, Gini Anderson is a dog groomer in Emma’s Pet Spa, Los Angeles, who obsessively daydreams about Gerard Butler. She dreams that if they met, they would fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. 

When she isn’t daydreaming, she spends evenings with her best friend Mary Jane (MJ) - who has incredibly rich parents - at her luxury apartment where she discusses nearly having enough money saved to go to Edinburgh for the lifetime achievement award that Gerard Butler is getting from BAFTA Scotland.

Her retired, wasteful parents ask for money and, as usual, Gini gives in to their demands for help; giving them all the money she has, thinking that she can save up again. But after a disastrous day at work - while clipping a rich client’s dog she begins to daydream about Gerard Butler and ruins a dog’s coat by shaving patches out of it - a rich client is devastated and doesn’t accept Gini’s excuse of it being the new ‘European look’. Her boss doesn’t either and she loses her job. 

Now without a job as well as penniless, she has no way of getting to Scotland to meet Gerard Butler. She spends the evening at MJ’s apartment drowning her sorrows. The morning after the drunken evening, MJ gives Gini cash, a credit card, a month’s hotel booking and airline tickets to Scotland, explaining that she has to go to meet Gerard Butler and live happy ever after.

Once in Scotland she meets up with Mark; they have been corresponding through a chat room for filmmakers for over a year. Mark has begun to fall in love with Gini from afar but she does not reciprocate, only thinking she can use him to get to Gerard (being Scottish and in the ‘film’ business).  He works for an advertising agency as a copy writer but has aspirations of becoming a screenwriter and thinks that Gini is a big producer in the LA film scene. Gini told Mark that she was looking for screenwriters to write a screenplay as a vehicle for Gerard Butler. She spends the next few weeks trying to find a way to get into the BAFTAs while Mark is busy writing the screenplay and falling in love with Gini.

Gini realizes that, without an official invite, she cannot get into the BAFTA awards ceremony. Undeterred, she turns up on the night of the awards but is thwarted at the entrance however she finds out which limousine is Gerard Butler’s and sneaks in, only to find out that Gerard Butler isn’t attending as he’s filming elsewhere and has sent an actor friend to accept the award. Devastated she returns to Los Angeles without a job or money and feeling that she has blown her chance of love.

When she returns to her dingy apartment, she finds a huge number of messages from her old boss at the grooming parlour. Her ‘European look’ is a roaring success and her boss wants her to come back. Gini goes back to her life as a pet groomer, still in debt and not having love in her life.

Unbeknown to Gini, Mark has finished the screenplay, sold it to a production company and is now in LA. When he finally finds her, he tells her the good news, and that Gerard Butler is going to be in the movie. But after finding out that Gerard does not live up to her expectations and finally realising that Mark has been there for her as he has flown halfway round the world to be with her, she is now ready for love.