Feature. 91 pages. Road Movie / Comedy / Drama


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Two down-on-their-luck friends set out to uncover an old gold mine after getting a map from an old drunk, but with debts overdue by one of them they are chased by the money lender who gets wind of their plan.

Screenplay Synopsis

Goldrush is the story of Dave and Billy, friends since school, who meet up most lunchtimes as well as ritually every Friday at the local pub on the way home from work. Their lives have barely changed for 25 years, both thinking that they would rather live each other’s life; envying what the other has. Bound together by a history, they set off on a journey that will change them forever.

Billy, a disillusioned mechanic, married with kids but with a very roving eye, has been caught one time to many with other women by his wife. This time she leaves him, taking the kids to her mother’s. Couple this with his weakness for gambling; owing thousands of pounds to the local money lender, Henry Wong, he has a reason to leave the city. Then there is Dave, finding out that he has been lied to for years by his mother about his father leaving, and having to do work for unappreciative customers, he too feels that it’s time for a change of scenery. 

After a drunken night out, and buying a map to a gold mine in the heart of the Highlands, they embark on an adventure that they hope will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. On the way North they pick up a couple of girl hitchhikers and Dave falls in love, promising  to visit her at the hotel she is heading to work in once the adventure has finished. 

But their plan is thwarted by Henry Wong as he follows the pair seeking revenge. One disaster after another finds the lads without money, transport and left to rot in the wilderness. With nothing to distract them from each other (friends, pub life, family and work) they find that they have nothing in common and actually don’t like each other. They fight and part ways. Each wanders the vistas of Scotland, alone. Billy has an epiphany; he realises that his gold is at home with his wife and kids and fights to get back to them. For him the grass isn’t always greener. Dave on the other hand, has had to leave his cocooned life to discover that life is greener on the other side. 

Goldrush, then, is a tale of new hope, what starts as the search for the greener grass quickly descends into a farcical adventure where the survival of our duo’s friendship is at stake. It’s a tale of passion, greed, stupidity, desperation and determination, truth and destiny, where sometimes the grass isn't greener the other side, but sometime it is.