A Rosa Underwood Thriller

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As an investigative journalist, working on a story about our recycling waste problem, uncovers a deeper and darker secret at the heart of our political establishment in Scotland she must get the truth out to the people and expose the fraud for what it is and catch a murderer before he strikes again.

The Story 

Rosa Underwood is working on the story of her life. She's uncovering a conspiracy that reaches into the heart of the government. Local businessman and man of the people, Marcus Dunlop is king of rubbish. His environmental recycling plants throughout Scotland are changing the way we deal with our waste. But Marcus Dunlop is not what he seems, he has a darker secret, a secret that he would rather stay hidden.


Rosa's life is at risk and she goes into hiding with the only people she trusts: the homeless of Edinburgh. 

What she finds out will not only rock the Scottish government to it's core but answer questions of her own father's suicide.



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