3 x 60 Television Series, set in the 1980'.  Political Thriller / Conspiracy

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A wife dies in childbirth, loosing the baby, a husband who trusted the medical system to look after them begins to ask questions and his apartment is bombed leaving him for dead. He survives, along with a private detective, and unfolds a conspiracy that reaches into the depths of Government of the day involving the Blood Transfusion Service, Private Hospital Trusts and the IRA. This is a tale of passion and greed, backstabbing and double-crossing, desperation and determination, truth and destiny.  It is the effortlessly talented versus the doggedly determined.   

Series Synopsis

Told over there episodes Blood Relations tells the story of James Wilson, at first glance he has the perfect life. James works in IT his wife, Caroline, is an artist. They are expecting their first child. But when Caroline goes into labour and taken to hospital she contracts the deadly hepatitis C+ after receiving a bad blood transfusion, and within hours is dead. James is obviously distraught, but after contact from a nurse on duty on that fateful night, telling him that something was very wrong, he begins to ask questions about his wife's death and official hospital records seemingly being changed. This act changes his life forever.

As he journey’s through his investigation he exposes a nationwide conspiracy involving the Blood Transfusion Service, Private Hospital Trusts, the IRA and other “terrorist” activists, the Government of the day and Sir Harold Smythe (the smooth figurehead of The Medical World Relief Foundation), and how all are pulling the wool over our eyes.

His nightmare takes him from Glasgow to London to the Highlands of Scotland to survive the deadly clandestine clutches of Malcolm Front; a Government man who would stop at nothing to uphold the principles of Queen and Country – even if that means murder.