Welcome to, and thank you for visiting, my writing website.

Below is a brief introduction to my writing history.

I'm a graduate with a Photography, Film & Television Honour's Degree from Edinburgh 

Napier University (1999) and a Post Graduate with a Master's Degree in Screenwriting from Edinburgh Napier University (2020).

Since the very beginning I've been a prolific story teller. I used to create stories to tell and entertain my family and  school friends. I would create whole worlds inside my head. Then gush both with a diatribe of nonsense on something or someone.  I'd amuse myself with my mental doodles. 

Terry Dray.jpeg

Being able to make people laugh, cry, and ponder was easy for me back then. Throughout the many years since those days I've worked on lots of projects within the theatre, film, television and radio disciplines. Even before I attended film school I was involved in the performing arts. Theatre companies, stand-up, television, films and a few adverts. During this time I discovered I had a voice. A writing voice.

I had something to say and I've been saying it ever since.

So, this website contains my scripts. Over the coming months it'll also contain my thoughts on the writing process, well, my process anyway. What is my muse, so to speak.

If you've come here to look at my writing and screenplays please use the tabs above to navigate to my script pages.  Hopefully you'll get a sense of my playfulness, humour, sense  of justice but above all else my sense of the world and how I fit into its madness.


We all have to negotiate our way though life, but we must above all else, have fun.